OSHA 24 Hour Hazwoper Occasional Site Worker Training


OSHA 24 Hour Hazwoper

Occasional Site Worker Training

TIME TO COMPLETE: Approximately 24 hours, All Online
CONTINUING EDUCATION: 2.4 CEUs, 24 contact hours
PREREQUISITES: None. This is the basic course for workers new to the field of hazardous waste.


Does your work area have hazardous waste materials?

Does your job require an OSHA 24 Hour HAZWOPER Occasional Site Worker certificate?

Do you occasionally work with or are in contact with hazardous wastes?



If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, this course is the right course for you. Our online OSHA 24 Hour HAZWOPER course fulfills the training requirements for certification under 29 CFR, Part 1910.120 (e) as an Occasional Site Worker. OSHA Hazwoper 24 Hour training and certification is needed if you work in any of the following capacities:

  • Someone who works at a hazardous waste clean up site on an occasional basis like an engineer, project manager, or a surveyor
  • Someone who regularly works with, or cleans up hazardous materials or wastes with exposures within “permissible” levels and that do not require the use of respiratory protection


What our students are saying-

"I really enjoyed the 24-hour HAZWOPER course. The instructor is clear and speaks at a comfortable rate that keeps things moving steadily, but in a way that's easy to understand. The accompanying workbook contains a wealth of knowledge to back up the online portion of the course, and then some. I feel that the methods used to test knowledge at each section, and the overall progression of the course do a great job of getting a fairly comprehensive topic to stick with the student, and make its practical applications well understood for hands-on daily use. Overall I am very pleased to have chosen this format for obtaining my HAZWOPER certification." -Tyler P. 2017


"It has been some years since I completed a 24-hour hazmat certification and thought it was time for a refresher. I did the Hazmat school course that was recommended from several of my peers. After reading the book I did the online presentation over the weekend. The online part was, for me, easy...just read along, listen to the narration and then go to the next section when ready. Reading the book prior to the online presentation, for me, was the key and sped the presentation along at pleasant pace without having to stop to read. The final test was not a giveaway. The course, as well as the testing, is thorough, somewhat challenging and gave me some insights and a refresher to my knowledge base. I would and will recommend Hazmat School in the future." -David P. 2017


“The text was easy to read and understand. I really liked the interaction with the instructor via email.
I also liked the idea that I could take my time and spread out my hours spent over many days if needed.”
– Sebastopol, CA


Further, if you work with hazardous materials in almost any capacity, the HAZWOPER courses provide you with the information that you will need to work safely with these materials. Many organizations mandate HAZWOPER training for employees whose job requirements involve the handling, storage, transportation, or use of hazardous materials and wastes. Simply put, if you work with hazardous substances in the workplace, you will benefit from this program.

What You Get:

Our Online 24 Hour HAZWOPER training certification course fulfills your requirements for certification under 29 CFR, Part 1910.120 (e), or other applicable state regulations for certification to the 24-hour Occasional Site Worker level. Receive 2.4 CEUs and an OSHA 24 Hour HAZWOPER Certificate documenting compliance with the OSHA requirement for classroom training.


This program meets the competencies outlined in the OSHA regulation.

  1. Meet the requirements for certification of 29 CFR, Part 1910.120 (e) or other applicable state regulations for certification to the 24-hour Occasional Site Worker level.
  2. Understand the various training regulations relating to hazardous materials handling and response. Know which activities can be performed at what level of certification.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of the types of hazardous materials and the various hazards and risks associated with them.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of the routes of entry for hazardous materials to enter the body.
  5. Demonstrate an understanding of the health effects that hazardous materials can have on the body.
  6. Demonstrate an understanding of the terminology used in describing hazardous materials including vapor density, specific gravity, miscibility/solubility, carcinogen, teratogen, mutagen, pH, PPM, TLV, IDLH, flammable/explosive range, combustible, flammable, flash point, and ignition temperature.
  7. Demonstrate an understanding of the primary identification systems including the Department of Transportation (DOT) system, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 704 system, and Hazardous Materials Information System (HMIS).
  8. Understand the need for personal protective equipment when using hazardous materials.
  9. Identify the levels of protective clothing used in hazardous waste operations.
  10. Demonstrate an understanding of the need for respiratory equipment and of the advantages and disadvantages to the types of respiratory equipment.
  11. Review work practices that can be used to minimize the risks commonly found at waste sites.
  12. Review the safe use of engineering controls in the elimination and control of hazards.
  13. Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of decontamination and of the types of decontamination practices commonly used at waste site activities.
  14. List the hazards of confined space operations and the types of procedures to minimize them.
  15. Review activities related to containment of spills to minimize their effects on personnel and the environment.




Is it possible to satisfy the requirements for 40 hours of classroom training solely through an on-line course or would there need to be a supplemental portion of the training reserved for hands-on training in addition to the 3 day on the job training in the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and work practices by which an employer can minimize risks from hazards?

OSHA's answer: Self-paced, interactive computer-based training can serve as a valuable training tool in the context of an over-all HAZWOPER training program. However, use of computer-based training by itself would not be sufficient to meet the standard's various training requirements. OSHA urges employers to be wary of relying solely on generic "packaged" training programs in meeting their training requirements since training required under HAZWOPER includes site-specific elements which need to be tailored to the individual worker's assigned duties.

If you have a 40-hour online HAZWOPER certification and you are audited by OSHA you will be fined! Training companies do not get fined for this so they can offer whatever training they would like to. There are no repercussions. In 1910.120(e)(3)(iv) of the standard, OSHA states that workers with 24 hours of training who become general site workers or who are required to wear respirators, shall have an additional 16 hours plus the two days of on the job training necessary to total the training specified in paragraph (e)(3)(i).


Would OSHA find it acceptable if the only experience that an employee gets in regards to the required hands-on training be during the three days of field experience at the hazardous waste site and not during the 40 hours of classroom instruction?

OSHA's answer: No. Supervised field experience is part of an employee's initial training, taking place after he or she has completed the off-site classroom instruction. Employees must be able to familiarize themselves with the equipment and field conditions under which they will be expected to work. The initial three days in the field under the supervision of another experienced employee combined with the required classroom instruction is required for new employees.

Check out OSHA's letter about it here!



Students will have to go through all modules in order to unlock the final exam at the end of the course. You will need a computer or iPad with Internet access and an email account. No text is required; all course materials are available online. The course will take approximately 24 hours to complete but you can come and go as you need.



Our fully narrated course is broken down into multiple chapters with a knowledge check quizzes scattered throughout the training. The quizzes will prepare you for the multiple-choice final exam, which you will take at the end of the course.

After passing the final with a score of 75% or higher, you will be able to print your personalized certificate with your name, course title, date issued, as well as our company information should anyone need to verify the authenticity of the certificate.

This course contains audio, pictures, some video or links, examples, useful website links, a great HAZWOPER e-book written by our experts here
, and 24/7 access to an instructor to help you with anything you may need throughout the course.

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